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Heli Aviation based at the Sarasota Airport is the leading provider of helicopter services in Southwest Florida. Our operations consist of flight training, aerial & boat photography, banner towing, external-load operations, scenic tours, powerline and pipeline operations and provide the most affordable Turbine time building opportunities & experience for career oriented helicopter pilots. 

With a start up fleet of brand new aircraft, equipped with Garmin G500H Glass Cockpits, and a commitment to a perpetual safety record, our goal is to provide our clients with safe, reliable, efficient and friendly service. When you choose Heli Aviation, you will benefit from safe operations, friendly and hassle-free service and our unique turbine training opportunities. These aren’t just our goals but they are a promise from management, our pilots, flight instructors and ground crew members, in short, our entire team. Our ability and commitment to keep this promise is what distinguishes Heli Aviation from other helicopter service providers and flight schools.

"Heli Aviation Florida is a member of HAI (Helicopter Association International) and is strictly following the Code of Ethics to establish certain minimum standards in order to foster public confidence in the safety of helicopter operations and the integrity of HAI Members and to protect the reputation and good name of the helicopter industry."

Niclas Herle (CEO) & the entire Heli Aviation Florida team.